Tuesday, April 22, 2008

OneCommunications: world's slowest phone company


I don’t know what is broken in OneCommunication’s sales and ordering process, but something is badly broken. We’ve been having problems with our OneCommunications dynamic bandwidth service and the interface to a PBX. Between the PBX vendor and OneCommunications technicians we decided that switching to a traditional T1 would be a good solution.

As a priority solution I placed an order on Feb. 7 to switch from your dynamic product to a traditional T1. I hounded our very pleasant OneComm rep Kim Skowran nearly daily as getting this circuit installed was a priority. Finally in late March we got to the head of the queue for service installs (nearly 6 weeks to get through your order system). In March, it was discovered that the order was placed for the wrong service—a error on OneCommunications part as we discussed the specific needs with a sales technician. We placed another order on April 4 to get the right product installed. In spite of nearly daily emails to our sales rep, I’ve heard nothing other than “I’m talking with my manager” and “I’ll get you a status tomorrow.”

It’s been over 9 weeks to install a simple PowerNet T1 and we don’t even have a status. Could you please light a fire under your order department and get the damn circuit installed.

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