Monday, February 4, 2008


Ordering a product shouldn't be this hard...

Based on my reading of how dynamic bandwidth circuits work (and our internet usage), I’ve decided that we would be better off with a traditional PRI rather than the Maximizer product. I’m trying to get the following quotes and installation timeframes. My hope is that the existing T1 circuit between your facilities and EMI can be reused to expedite the installation.

Option 1:
-- Traditional PRI; 23 B channels all voice

Option 2:
-- Traditional PRI; 19 B channels; 4 internet channels (256K data)

Option 3:
-- Traditional PRI; 23 B channels
-- Full T1 internet

Option 4:
-- Traditional PRI; 23 B channels
-- DSL data product 4 to 7 mbs down / 1 to 3 up

In addition, I want to make sure that our copper voice circuit has been canceled.

Please call me with any questions. I’ll be in the office all day.