Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Avaya IP Office: Unable to make calls

For some reason we couldn't make any outgoing call yesterday for about 15 minutes. When I called into our PBX vendor...surprise they blamed the carrier.

Anyway here is the email I sent to support:

At 4:27 1/14/08 for approximately 10 to 15 minutes we were unable to make any outgoing calls. When dialing we would just get dead air. I checked with our network vendor and they did not show any problems with the T1 line. The problem either cleared itself or one of your technicians cleared it without talking to me.

I called Avaya Business Partner technical support at about 4:30; no technicians were available but receptionist indicated one was going to be paged and would call me back on my cell phone. As of 4:50 no one had called.

I logged a trouble ticket (ME-00000-000000) at 4:31.

I’m beginning to suspect that the IP office unit might have hardware problems as we have been experiencing a number of unusual behaviors (reboots, unable to make calls, voice quality problems, paging issues);

Here's the note I sent this morning when the "techs" were here to fix it...

We’ve had the T1 installed for more than 2 years with perhaps 1 failure in that time. A T1 failure every 14 days (which is about what we’ve been seeing) seems unlikely. The failure was not detected by the vendor on their network (I called an spoke with them yesterday). Although possible, it’s unlikely that the connection from the IAD to the network suddenly became flakey. This makes me suspect that there is a problem between the IAD and the PBX or on the PBX. Tech1 was looking at the log last night; what did he find around 4:30 when the switch failed? I’ve forwarded to Tech1/Tech2 the vendor contact; have they spoken with the network vendor tech?

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